This casino game was first enjoyed in France in the 17th century, and has since become one of the most popular games around the world. Players are sometimes intimidated by the reputation that precedes it, but will be happy to find out that when one decides to learn how to play roulette it is a far easier process than may have been imagined. The Internet provides a totally anonymous platform for players to cut their teeth on, and free games can be enjoyed for as long as is required.

The Basics of Playing Roulette

Players will face-off against the House, this represented by the dealer, or croupier, in charge of spinning the wheel and handling the wager and payouts. While this role is sometimes filled by means of software when it comes to online play, there are also live dealer versions available at internet-based casinos that will have real people in charge of this role as in the case of brick-and-mortar play.

When learning how to play roulette, perhaps the most important fact to commit to memory is the difference between European; French and American roulette; the first two variations have 37 slots on the wheel, with slots numbered from zero to 36, and the latter sports two zeros along with the 36 numbered slots, therefore having 38 different places at which the ball can end up.

Players will then buy in, and lay bets on which number they feel the ball is most likely to end up on. There are a variety of different wagers available for play, including those based on colours and groups of numbers, and it is always recommended that players pay particular attention to these when learning how to play roulette in order to ensure that they understand the various options available to them. After this process has been completed, the wheel will spin, the ball will find its final resting place, and bets will be paid out, or not, according to the wagers initially laid at

The Benefits of Learning Roulette Online

The most obvious advantage to learning how to play online roulette in New Zealand as opposed to doing so at land-based casinos is that it is a process, which can be undergone completely anonymously. Players have nothing to fear from being surrounded by less than supportive strangers, and can find their own pace and let the game unfold as slowly or quickly as they like. Free, or demo, versions of games allow for them to practice to their heart’s content without having to risk any of their own money either, and the world of wagering need only be entered when the player is 100% confident and able to safely assume that their chance of winning is as good as that of the more experienced players, with the only limitations on them taking the money home being those inherent in this game of chance.

The House Advantage for Roulette

When players learn how to play roulette they will quickly come to see the most important difference between French, or European, roulette and the version favoured in the United States of America: the House advantage. On a single-zero roulette table the House only has a 2.7% advantage, but this sky-rockets to as much 5.26% when there are two zeros to factor in.

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