Slots are a popular draw-card in America’s online casinos, and there are thousands of titles available. To make slots pay, though, US gamblers usually have to play them for fairly extended periods. However, long-term slots play can be a bit passive; on autoplay, a player has very little else to do except watch the hypnotic spinning of the reels and hope for a bonus round, in which they will at least have some choices to make.

Realizing that many American casino fans prefer something more interactive, major gaming developer NetEnt has also produced a range of online scratch card games, including Treasure Hunt.

Pick Regions to Make Matches

Treasure Hunt plays on a map of a deserted island, and play is much like a slots game set on bonus round all the time. The island has all the features of a typical treasure map; rivers and swamps, mountains and waterfalls, lost temples and crashed planes hidden in the forest, and secret caves in the cliffs. However, these features are not necessarily directly related to the treasures on offer. The map is divided into 28 regions, and players click regions to reveal the icon beneath. The icons are hidden beneath the regions randomly, and the player needs to reveal matching icons to win prizes.

Treasure Chests versus Skulls

Comparing to some iPhone pokies AU, Treasure Hunt is played at a fixed bet; usually between 0.10 and 1.00 euro per card, which the player can adjust before play begins. For each card bought, the player gets six clicks on the map. When a player clicks on a Treasure Hunt region, the icon revealed is either a treasure chest or a skull. Treasure chests are what the player wants to see: two or more chests revealed in one game win a prize. The top prize, for six chests in six clicks on a 1.00-euro bet, is 100,000 euros.

Skulls Lose, Unless Six Come Up

Skulls are generally bad news in Treasure Hunt, as they don’t win any prizes for combinations of five or fewer. Six skulls revealed in one game, however, win the player a bonus object, which fills one of the three slots on the pay table to the right of the playing map. Any bonus options collected remain on the table as the player plays on, and will remain valid for thirty days. So bonus objects scored in one playing session can still be waiting for the player when they start their next session.

Playing Treasure Hunt Scratch Cards

Three Bonus Objects Trigger Bonus Game

If a player collects three bonus objects, filling all the slots on the Treasure Hunt pay table, the Bonus Game is triggered. This presents the player with 12 new regions on the map, from which they must pick one. Each of these regions will reveal a bonus prize of variable value.

More Player Action than Slots

With a RTP percentage of 93.3%, Treasure Hunt gives players more or less the same chance of winning prizes as many slots titles. However, the play is much more interactive, as the player always has a decision to make, unless they opt for the Auto Pick feature.

As always, the secret is to set bets at an affordable level for long-term play, because long playing sessions are the best way to rack up significant wins and bonus options. The pay table is always visible, and the player can also click on Game Rules or Game History at any time.

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