Twitch was founded in 2011 and bought by Amazon in 2014. By 2018, it had become one of the highest sources of internet traffic in the USA. It is a live streaming gaming platform which has now evolved to include online casino games. It adds a dynamic and fun social element many find missing from traditional online gaming yet with the convenience and comfort of being in your own home. Those streaming can tune in and watch others playing online live or pre-recorded and enjoy the excitement vicariously.

The most widely played casino game on Twitch is slots, but there are streamers for almost any game you can think of.

How Does It Work?

Viewers sign up for a free account and are able to ‘follow’ others or subscribe to a channel for a small cost. They can chat with others and even become streamers themselves. A vast number of viewers tune in to watch their favourite players, many of whom have become celebrities within the Twitch universe. Viewers are able to interact with the streamer who communicates with them while playing. Streamers combine their dextrous skills with entertainment to provide a very engaging experience. Professional streamers make a very good income recording themselves, or playing live earning money via sponsors, subscriptions and donations.

What Are The Benefits Twitch Provides?

The platform creates a new space where online casinos can showcase their latest games. It also opens a new source of revenue for talented slots players. Plenty of home gaming consoles and laptops now come with built in streaming capability. Setting up as a streamer is not hard, but garnering a following is a little harder.

Through the platform, players can discover more information about casino games as well as enjoy a social hub where they can interact around a shared enthusiasm for slots and casino games. Players form communities online and also engage beyond gambling.

While there’s no doubt that watching streamers is entertaining, many players use Twitch as a way of picking up tips, ticks and strategies to improve their own game.

How is Twitch Changing Online Gambling?

Established casino brands have entered the Twitch sphere and create partnerships as a marketing avenue. For example, they may sponsor a streamer to show off their brand and encourage sign ups. As we’ve seen in other areas, influencer marketing is huge.

The increasing popularity of casino streams on Twitch has paralleled the rise of the online casino industry. This rise has been meteoric due to the improvements in technology, increased bandwidth and widespread penetration of smartphones over the past decade. Top streamers attract thousands and even millions of viewers.

Twitch has opened the door to other forms of live streaming such as live dealer games where players are able to interact and play themselves. This way the thrill of the casino floor comes right into your living room and live dealer games have proved to be very popular with both players and viewers alike.

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