Cricket’s massive popularity means that the vast majority of bookmakers have a deep menu of betting markets available nowadays. This gives you the chance to explore a range of value wagering angles whether you’re betting on Test Cricket, One Day Internationals, or the T20 format.

Leading Run Scorer and Wicket Taker

Inside of both the Match and Series Outcomes you’ll have the chance to be on who Scores the Most Runs and Which Player Takes the Most Wickets in an Innings or a Match.

This market can be a very profitable one thanks to trends appearing quite suddenly. This could be something like Leading Run Scorers batting inside the Top 3 positions of a line-up in Limited Overs Cricket since they face the most amount of balls and bat when the captains of the opposing team have the field during power-plays.

Highest Opening Partnership

Highest Opening Partnerships can be an interesting market because quite often batsmen will struggle against certain bowlers. This means that a little bit of research into how the members of the first group of players interact with members of the second could see you yielding more than decent returns!

Man of the Match

As is the case with most sports, some Cricket players combine an X-factor with real skill, making them prime candidates for consistently delivering superlative performances on the field and getting awarded Man of the Match.

Batsmen who’ve carved out a reputation for making quickfire hundreds or bowlers who tend to deliver spells in which multiple wickets get taken are prime candidates for picks in this market.

Match Outcome and Series Winner

A vastly popular market for Cricket bettors is the Match Outcome. In Limited Overs games, there are only two possible results. One team will win, the other will lose. Test matches deliver a third, as a Tie can occur, and Series Outcome wagers are very similar to these. You can bet on the Squad to Win and even take a guess as to what the final score will be.

Something to keep in mind with this market is that Draws are becoming less and less likely these days, thanks to how hugely run-rates are increasing. Determining factors which make a Tie possible include overly flat pitches and inclement weather, but be wary of betting on a Draw under any other circumstances.

Number Of Boundaries

This is another growing market of Cricket bettors, whether the Number of Boundaries includes Total Number of Fours or Total Sixes Scored. This can also be a team match up, thanks to certain sides being packed with players that seem to hit Sixes with ease, while others have batsmen that have to work the ball into gaps, hitting Fours.

Another factor to take into account with this bet is the grounds the game’s unfolding on since certain ones seem to suit Six-Hitting. This can be due to smaller playing areas like those found in Christchurch, in New Zealand, or higher altitude being a factor, so the balls fly further, as they do in Johannesburg, in South Africa.

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