We all love spinning the reels. Slots games are far and away the most popular of casino games, and from a business perspective at both brick and mortar casinos and mixed online casinos contribute more than 70% of turnover. With the average returns taken into consideration, this means that 2 out of every three visitors to a casino will be getting their thrills by spinning the slot reels.

The attraction of the slot machine does not take rocket science to figure out. The possibility of gaining an enormous return from a small, or modest input is something that appeals to everybody.

People can hardly resist the attraction of effectively getting something for nothing, and this is evidenced by the huge numbers of people that play lotteries around the world every day. The slot machines essentially provide the same temptation, only with a significantly greater game aspect.

The Development of the Slot Machine

Slot machines have been around for well over a century now, and despite early success with the classic style slot, machines that contain only 3 reels, modern technology means that by and large the most popular slot machines today have 5 reels and paylines numbering up to 50.

In addition the modern machines have involved and often well-known story lines, regularly based on a popular movie, or familiar fairy tale or legend.

Modern graphics are highly advanced and now offer, whether realistic or cartoon like, the latest in HD or even 3D animations. The range of winning possibilities too, has seen an almighty increase with exciting and different features, free spins, and unique special games. All in all a fresh swathe of betting options.

3 Reels or 5

The 3 Reel slot machines, featuring a single, or up to 3 paylines across three spinning reels, are more simple perhaps than their 5 reel counterparts, but certainly not necessarily less exciting. Statistically, the lower number of paylines means more wins per payline.

Plus, the design makes it easier for new players to understand, to appreciate, to follow and to play real money slots. Designed, in reality, for players on a budget, these classic slots are often much less taxing in their coin requirements and denominations too.

A 5 reels machine, generally, will have a higher return to player and lower volatility, whereas a 3 reels machine will be more likely to give a monster jackpot win.

Five reel slots are now the most popular option amongst players. The 5 reels give more chances to win, some featuring upwards of 25 paylines, and thus more regular payouts. The greater diversity equals more features, more bonuses, and more free spins, bonus rounds, wild and scatter symbols, and progressive jackpots.

Also the 5 reel machines are generally also video slots, so there are more software features like second screen games and movie clips.

The Choice is Unclear

So, what this means is that playing 5 reels on a slot machine entails a blur of action, regular winnings, features happening in the game all the time and huge levels of excitement.

The 3 reeled cousins have more playing time but much less happening, that is until a jackpot is struck, at which time the winnings are somewhat bigger and more lucrative.

At the end of the day, the net effect of the players’ pocket is really about the same.

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