Slot games, like most things, can be regarded as belonging to different categories. These pigeonholes can be as a result of any number of different elements, including denominations; the amount of reels; type of jackpot and the number of paylines a game offers.

Different Slots Denominations Available Online

One of the simplest methods of classifying slot games is by means of the money they accept. Some will accept only small amounts, some accept only larger, and others allow for a mixture of both. From so-called penny slots, that allow for bets at as little as 0.01 a spin, to those known as high roller machines that have their minimum wagers set at 25 or as much as 100, there are different types available, designed to suit bettors of a particular preference.

Types of Slot Game Machines

Slot games have changed hugely since they were first introduced to the public, with very simple three-reel games now available along with far more interactive ones that boast many extra features; 3D visuals and immersive sound-effects. Players are able to choose from classic slots; video slots; pokies and 3D slots.

Various places in the United States of America will categorise slots games into either Class II or Class III, with the latter being the more traditional slots that players would find in the gambling hotspots of places like Reno; Atlantic City and Las Vegas, and the former those more common to the smaller destinations.

Class III machines are known as Vegas-styled games, with the outcomes for each spin being determined by the spinning of the reels, and each of these being an autonomous event. Anything can occur on any of the game’s spins, within the parameters set for the game, in terms of winning or losing.

Class II slots games are those that are seen as lottery or bingo games, wherein players are not pitting themselves against the house, as they would do in the former category, but are instead playing against one another, trying to win a jackpot that is generally larger than the ones found in the former classification, since it is made up of percentages of the money players are using to spin the reels. Although these games look, sound and feel like a more traditional slots machine, the maths and mechanisms by which they operate can be said to be bingo-based. The results of these games are dependent on the others for them, with a certain amount of wins and losses available in each of the various sets of numbers.

The Various Numbers of Reels

The symbols on the front side which are set to spinning are known as reels, and while at land-based casinos these used to made up of large hoops of metal that were physically set to spinning, those at both online and brick and mortar casinos are now for the most part simply video screens.

The traditional slot games have three reels for players to work with, but nowadays there are sometimes five, or as many as seven. These extra reels allow for bigger jackpots, since it is more challenging for players to line up similar symbols on them.

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