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Adoption Search and Support Group for Adoptees, Birth Parents and Families Affected by Adoption

Serving Santa Fe, New Mexico, and surrounding Communities

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Adoption Triad Support Group of Santa Fe is a member-to-member support group for all who are affected by adoption. We offer monthly meetings, literature, counseling referrals, and search assistance. Our goal is to provide members with the resources they need. In addition, we share the emotional benefits of honesty in adoption. Person-to-person support is our primary concern. We dedicate ourselves to family preservation and welcome everyone to attend our meetings.

It is the fundamental right of all individuals to have access to information about themselves. For adoptees, that includes access to their own birth records with the same equity as other individuals are entitled.

Adoption Support Group of Santa Fe meets on the First Monday, every month.
The meeting starts at 6:00 PM.
There is no set ending time, however the meeting is usually concluded about 7:30 PM.


Christus St. Vincent Hospital
Medical Dental Building
465 Saint Michael’s Drive
Suite 201
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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